Get a Webasto-Hollandia car sun roof in Brookvale, Sydney. Almost any vehicle can be fitted with a Webasto-Hollandia aftermarket sunroof.

Webasto – the world’s largest supplier of sunroof’s to the automotive industry!

Get that open air feeling!

 Webasto Electric Sunroofs

Sunroof’s are a valuable feature for new and pre-owned cars and light commercial vehicles.

  • Improve comfort
    A sunroof not only lets in fresh air and light, it also gives you that ‘cabrio feeling’ at a reasonable price. What’s more, interior climate study shows that a sunroof keeps the vehicle occupants alert and thereby improves safety day after day.
  • Enhance airflow
    Installing a sunroof enhances the operation of the air conditioner and heater demister systems. Only a sunroof can effectively regulate levels of oxygen, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, all of which affect the alertness of a vehicle’s occupants.

  • Aesthetics and style
    A sunroof creates a bright and airy interior climate and gives you a panoramic view, every day, all year round. A low-cost way of experiencing that feeling of driving an open-top car.
  • Increase resale value
    A sunroof can make your car more appealing to potential buyers.

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please contact Webasto: 1800 SUNROOF (1800 786 7663).

There are two Webasto sunroofs available:

Hollandia 700-II Electric Inbuilt sunroof

Webasto Electric SunroofsThe first time you use a Hollandia 700-II it will make you a believer in the beauty of a sunroof. It offers comfort, elegant styling, security and enhanced driver safety. Everything about this Hollandia 700-II breathes innovation.


  • Australia’s most popular integrated (in-built) tilt and slide sunroof
  • Glass panel slides inside the roof of vehicle
  • Tilt position for ventilation
  • Electronic soft-touch switch operation
  • Venus® safety glass protects against 99% of the sun’s rays
  • Interior sliding sunshade in matching roof lining
  • Automatic wind deflector for optimum aerodynamics
  • Illuminated control panel
  • Automatic closing in slide position when ignition is switched off
  • Anti-trap function prevents sunroof from closing on obstacles
  • Sizes to suit most small, medium and large vehicles including Hatchbacks, 4WD’s, larger coupes and Dual cab utes
  • Roof Stiffener Replacement System (RSR) for vehicles with SIPS

Webasto Electric Sunroofs

36 months warranty, $2200 incl GST

Download User Manual

Hollandia 300 – Spoiler sunroof

Webasto Electric SunroofsThe Hollandia 300 spoiler sunroof is probably the most attractive looking roof of its kind. It provides lots of light, air and comfort to vehicles of all classes. This spoiler sunroof gives the open road a whole new meaning.



  • The sporty and economical alternative
  • Tilts up, then slides back over the roof
  • Electronic soft-touch operation
  • Venus® safety glass protects against 99% of the sun’s rays
  • Interior sunshade is standard
  • Automatic wind deflector for optimum aerodynamics
  • Illuminated control panel
  • Automatic closing when ignition is switched off
  • Anti-trap function keeps sunroof from closing on obstacles
  • Programmable to open to your favourite positions
  • Various models to suit most small and medium vehicles including utes, coupes, hatchbacks and 4WD’s
  • Optional RAIN SENSOR automatically closes the sunroof when the vehicle is unattended at the first drops of rain $245 incl GST
  • Roof Stiffener Replacement System (RSR) for vehicles with SIPS

Webasto Sunroof

36 months warranty, $1507 incl GST

Download user manual

Sunroof – Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1 – Is a Webasto Hollandia sunroof a quality product? Webasto is a successful systems manufacturer to worldwide automotive manufacturers supplying sunroofs for virtually every make of car. Webasto produces 5 million units a year. With more than 50% of sunroofs factory installed by car manufacturers worldwide being from Webasto. That’s the quality that the world’s biggest automotive manufacturers demand, and that’s what you get when you buy from us. Webasto also offers a 3 year Australia wide warranty.

Question 2 – What about installation quality? In addition to Webasto’s product quality, you’re also buying high-grade, dependable installation technology. Only qualified installation partners fit Hollandia sunroofs, with all our fitters fully trained and certified.

Question 3 – Which cars can be fitted with sunroofs? A Hollandia sunroof can be installed into virtually any car – older models included.

Question 4 – Will a sunroof reduce the value of my car? No, the value of the car will not decrease. High quality sunroofs are becoming more and more popular, so you will find that a car fitted with one of these sunroofs will be more appealing to potential buyers.

Question 5 – Sunroofs often develop leaks. Leaks can usually be accounted for by poor quality fitting and no-name units. Brand-name, Hollandia, sunroofs from Webasto always offer top quality and are installed only by certified partners.

Question 6 – My car is air-conditioned, is there any point fitting a sunroof? Yes there is, because sunroofs and air-conditioning offer two completely different sets of advantages. The air-conditioning system keeps the temperature inside the car down. The sunroof will ensure an ample supply of fresh air to make driving more comfortable. In addition you will have natural light inside the passenger compartment 365 days a year.

Question 7 – A sunroof leaves the inside of the car exposed to direct sunlight and the heat of the sun’s rays. All Hollandia glass sunroofs are equipped with Venus® glass that protects against heat and ultraviolet light. This safety glass is specially tinted throughout to reflect 99% of UV radiation.

Question 8 – What about the safety of my car when the sunroof is installed? Independent tests have proven that installing a Webasto sunroof has no detrimental effect on the car’s stability or on its ability to resist collision impacts.

Question 9 – Is it necessary to remove the roof stiffener when installing a sunroof? This depends on the type of car – Webasto offers two possibilities: the Hollandia 300 DeLuxe medium can, in most cases, be installed in front of the roof stiffener. For the other Hollandia models Webasto specially developed a roof stiffener replacement system (RSR) therefore allowing Hollandia sunroofs to be installed in virtually any type of car. The RSR system is TUV approved (TUV is an independent German testing and certification authority)

Question 10 – Is a sunroof draughty? There is an integrated wind deflector to minimise draughts even at high speeds. Draughts are much less of a problem than when you drive with the side windows open.

Question 11 – Is a sunroof noisy? These modern, aerodynamically optimised roof-systems significantly reduce the noise level inside the passenger compartment. Wind noise with the sunroof open or tilted is negligible by comparison with the noise level you experience with the side windows

Question 12 – There are only certain times of the year when I can experience any benefit from a sunroof. A sunroof made of glass will always make the interior of the car seem brighter and more spacious and you’ll be able to enjoy the panoramic feeling at any time of the year. You have a lot of positioning options with a sunroof, allowing use of it all year round.

Question 13 – Can I install a sunroof in my car if it is equipped with side and curtain air bags? Yes. Tests have been carried out by an independent test centre – there is no effect on the operation of the air bags when a new Hollandia sunroof is installed.

Question 14 – Will I have less headroom with a sunroof? By installing a Webasto Hollandia sunroof your headroom will not be compromised. The sunroof will not protrude any further than the current head lining. The glass roof makes the passenger compartment seem more spacious all year round – even when the panel is closed. The interior is brighter, so you have a greater sense of space.

Question 15 – A sunroof is too expensive. A sunroof doesn’t just mean fresh air and light: it is also a low-cost way of experiencing that feeling of driving an open-top car. The cost-performance ratio is ideal: virtually no other aftermarket accessory can claim that. The sunroof is a technologically high-grade product that can be used precisely in accordance with individual wishes and preferences.

Hollandia Sunroof Features

Venus® Safety Glass with its special grey tint provides protection from 99% of the sun’s heat and UV light. Ideal for the Australian climate and standard on all glass models.

Programmable Open Positions, means your two (2) favourite positions can be set by you. One for vent, one for part open – for Hollandia 300 & 700 models. The Hollandia 900 has one (1) programmable position. Vent Positions can be varied to adjust the required air-flow.

Auto Close activates each time the ignition is turned off. You can simply over-ride this function with the touch of a button if you wish to leave the sunroof open whilst parked.

Vehicle Safety Systems like air-bag curtains are not interfered with. Side Impact Protection System (SIPS) bars are replaced with a TUV-approved SIPS replacement, called a Roof Stiffener Replacement system (RSR) – where required. (TUV is an independant German testing and certification authority).

Roof mounted DVD Systems can still be fitted when the vehicle has a Hollandia sunroof.

Interior Lights are simply relocated and roof consoles modified to accommodate the sunroof, if required.

Interior Climate is enhanced with a Hollandia Venus® safety glass. A tilted sunroof used in conjunction with air-conditioning provides a regular removal of stale air from within the vehicle.

3 year Australia wide Warranty through Webasto’s network of authorised Hollandia Sunroof installers.


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